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Wholesale Rates

All Rates are mentioned in this chart is in indian rupees
price list as on 28th march 2014

Design Number size M to XXL size 3XL-4XL Price chart Design Number size M to XXL size 3XL-4XL
k01-02 300 350 k01-07 260 300
k01-08 185 225 k01-30 285 325
k01-50 185 225 k01-78 (pr 06) 310 350
k01-79 (pr 07) 260 300 k01-82 425 475
k01-86 (pr 19) 410 450 k02-01 (pr 27) 225 275
k02-02 (pr 28) 225 275 k02-04 375 425
k02-06 (pr 24) 375 425 k02-07 (pr 34) 395 450
k02-10 (pr 25) 400 450 k02-11 (pr 21) 400 450
k02-12 (pr 36) 425 475 k02-14 (pr 36) 450 500
k02-15 (pr 29) 250 300 k02-16 (pr 22) 300 350
k02-17 (pr 30) 250 300 k02-18 (pr 32) 325 375
k02-19 350 400 k02-20 275 325
k02-21 225 275 k02-23 300 350
k02-24 250 300 k02-25 250 300
k02-26 350 350 k02-27 300 350
k02-28 250 300 k02-30 250 300
k02-34 275 325 k02-35 350 400
k02-36 375 425 k02-37 300 350
k02-38 350 400 k02-39 400 450
k02-40 375 425 k02-41 275 325
k02-42 300 350 k02-44 475 525
k02-46 250 300 k02-47 600 655
k02-48 250 300 k03-02 450 500
k02-49 450 500 k02-51 300 350
k02-53 300 350 k02-54 300 350
k02-55 300 350 k02-56 550 600
k02-57 450 500 k02-59 300 350
k02-61 350 400 k02-62 400 450
k02-65 450 500 k02-66 450 500
k02-67 310 350 k02-68 550 600
k02-70 500 550 k02-71 500 550
k02-73 450 500 k02-75 500 550
k02-76 335 375 k02-77 600 650
k02-78 335 375 k02-79 500 550
k02-81 350 400 k02-81 anarkali 425 475
k02-82 550 600 k02-84 350 400
k02-85 300 350 k02-86 300 350
k02-87 300 350 k02-88 350 400
k02-89 350 400 k02-90 335 375
k02-91 325 375 k02-93 325 375
k02-94 350 400 k02-95 300 350
k02-96 575 625 k02-97 335 375
k02-99 400 450 k03-01 350 400
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Kurtas of Women 90


Description :

  • Finest Embroidered Kurtas for women revel with soft white poplin cotton fabric. floral embroidery with reddish maroon applique work is perfect match for this piece. Round neck created with stitch pattern.
  • Item Details

  • Design Number: k01-90
  • Style: Embroidery work.
  • Material: Poplin Cotton.
  • Color: white.
  • Size: L, XL, XXL
  • Wear Occasion: Party Wear.
  • Height: Long Length 36 inches.
  • Neck: Round pointed.
  • Sleeves: Separate with all pieces.
  • Weight: 250 Grams.
  • Wash Guide: Dry clean only
  • Disclaimer: brand name in kurtas of women. we always make efforts mach product as seen in pictures, but due to lighting used to photo shoot and brightness variation on every monitor resolution. cause some variation may seen in picture and product.
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    About us

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    Indian Traditional Kurtis, Girls Kurtis in Brand name under

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